Frostbeard Studio Unveils New Look

Exciting news - our Book Lovers’ Soy Candles have a fresh look! We’ve redesigned our labels, added new sizes (2oz and 4oz tins!) and made a bunch of improvements. We’re beyond thrilled to share these new developments with our friends and fellow book nerds alike.

When redesigning our labels, we wanted to keep certain design elements the same while creating an identifiable image for book lovers to easily recognize. Adding books to the labels was a no-brainer, and what better way to include them than a section of a bookshelf. This idea was based on Roxie’s book themed tattoo, which Tom also designed a few years ago.  

Brightly colored wax is one of our most loved candle features, and we didn’t want to cover it with a large label, so instead, we brought the colors into the design. Our light yellow Old Books candle (inspired by the discolored pages of ancient texts) now has a yellow and black label. Every candle color is chosen for a specific reason - orange for Bookstore because of the spines on Penguin Classics, Headmaster’s Office is the purple of wizard robes, etc. Now the labels are completely unique to each of our fragrances.

Classy new candle labels

Also included in the rebrand is the much-requested list of fragrances, right on the front of the label. Instead of guessing what goes into our Oxford Library scent, you can now see there are notes of sandalwood, oak, and leather. Each scent has a purpose (besides smelling nice) - to help evoke different literary settings and sensations (such as Sherlock with his pipe tobacco). Listing the fragrances is doubly great for gift giving purposes since the recipient won’t have to go to our website to find the scent description.

To complete the design, we added a metal lid with our logo printed on top. We wanted to bring the black from the label into the lid, and switched to aluminum for several reasons. Firstly, the metal looks classy and less like a peanut butter jar (which we’ve been told our candles previously resembled!). The metal is also more durable and heat resistant, good for covering a candle after snuffing out the wick to contain soot.

For those wondering why in the world our logo is an old beardy dude that has absolutely nothing to do with candles, here’s why. We live in Minnesota... Minneapolis to be exact. It's an awesome (and sometimes freezing) place to live. One of our good friends bikes to work year-round and gets an amazing frostbeard in subzero temps. We wanted a brand name that was both inspiring and Minnesotan, and we found that in Frostbeard. It also sounds super nerdy.

Candle tins are now available in 2oz and 4oz sizes!

Lastly, but not least-ly, is the addition of smaller sized candles in metal tins! These new 2oz and 4oz sizes are perfect for sampling many different scents. We realize shopping for fragranced items over the internet is hard (still waiting for someone to invent scratch and sniff screens) and now you can try out a small size first. They also make great gifts - hello stocking stuffers!

Bringing Book-Inspired Candles To A City Near You

Importantly for international customers, these new smaller sizes are going to be both cheaper to ship and more durable. Glass jars are heavy and fragile. Metal tins are significantly lighter and cheaper to ship overseas. We even hope to soon offer international wholesale to independent bookstores in the 4oz size, which could bring our candles to your city.

These changes have been a long time in the coming, and we’re very excited about them. We hope you love the new look as much as we do. Explore our new collection and look here!