Give Your Home Some Spooky Book-Inspired Halloween Flair

October is here! Throw your hands up in the air and do a little happy dance, for fall has come and we’re days away from Halloween. From reading snuggled up under a warm blanket by the fire to strolling through orchards and picking apples, October offers many wonderful opportunities to reconnect with your favorite authors and loved ones as you enjoy the changing scenery before winter arrives.

Many authors have laid a claim to the month of October with spooktacular publications, such as Anne Rice, Edgar Allen Poe, or Bram Stoker. And while your bookshelves may be filling up with October-themed scary stories and titillating tales, or some enchanting book themed autumnal candles, the rest of your house is just begging to be as festive as your bookshelves. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up some easy book themed Halloween decor DIYs that you can use to give your entire home some spooky style.

DIY Halloween Potion Bottles

If you have a surplus of mason, spice, or maybe candle glass jars laying around, why not turn those empty containers into witchy potion bottles? We’ve shared some candle jar DIYs before, but this hack takes things to the next level. This easy to follow instructional guide for turning nearly any empty glass jar into a bewitching brew bottle can be followed by just about anyone. You can find some really cool Halloween themed labels for your brews on Etsy, or you can use the free ones listed in this blog. We also found a recipe for some sinister sparkling slime that you can use to fill your potion bottles if you’re feeling extra.

Advanced DIY Aged Spell Books

What could be more witchy than having some custom spellbooks filling up your shelves? This DIY is pretty simple, all you’ll need is an old book, an Exacto knife, some gold leaf, and a few aging odds and ends. Head to your local thrift store or head up to your attic to find some ancient tomes that could be repurposed to bring a little mystery into your home. Let out your creative side and see what terrifying titles you can come up with.

Beginner DIY Spellbooks

Want to add some spellbooks to your collection but not sure if you’re ready to start using gold leaf and fine precision tools? Not a problem. Here’s an easier DIY that you can use to make fun spellbooks for your home without breaking out any serious crafting supplies. For this DIY, all you’ll need is some adhesive, books, a printer, and some scrapbook paper. You won’t do any damage to any of the books you use for this DIY, so don’t worry. This Halloween hack helps you to make fake covers for your books so that you can easily keep a rotating collection of holiday titles on your shelves.

DIY Wizarding Wands

Who wouldn’t want to add some wizarding wands to their home? From centerpieces to functional accents, add a wand to any room and you have an instant conversation starter and amusing prop to play with. This wand DIY is simple enough to follow, all you’ll need are some chopsticks, beads, hot glue, and paint! Let your imagination wander and create your own uniquely wizardly wand designs or try to mimic the iconic designs used to create the wands of some of your favorite young witches and wizards.

DIY Halloween Garland

Decided to throw a last-minute Halloween party and need some easy decorations fast? You can use this DIY to make a whole lot of Halloween garland in not a whole lot of time. Because when in doubt, throw up some garland! For this super simple DIY, all you need is some Halloween-themed scrap fabric, some cord, and a good pair of scissors. Cut your scrap fabric into 8″ long and 1/2″ to 1″ wide pieces, then follow these instructions to loop it onto your cord. You’ll be able to turn out yards of garland in under an hour.

Front Door Halloween DIY

Give trick or treaters and parents alike a fright by decking out your front door to look like a mummy this Halloween! All you’ll need are some white streamers, tape, and construction paper, and you’re good to go! Wrap your door in the streamers and then cut out two eyes from your black and white construction paper. Put the whole thing together in under 30 minutes! Your house will definitely be the best on the block this All Hallow’s Eve.

DIY Halloween Yard Decorations

We couldn’t leave out your front yard when compiling our list of the best Halloween DIYs! Here’s a clever way to add some eerie enhancement to your front yard this October. For this at home craft, you’ll need some styrofoam balls, dowels, and white fabric. Skewer the styrofoam balls with the dowels, plant them firmly in the ground, then drape with your white fabric. You can hot glue the fabric to the styrofoam if you think that it’s going to be too windy. After that, simply tie the corners of the fabric together and suddenly you’ve created a chilling circle of ghostly children in your front yard.

Get Your Home Halloween Ready with Frostbeard

How will you be celebrating Halloween? With daring door decorations or glittering ghostly goblets? We love celebrating Halloween, that’s why we’ve created some special fall-themed book inspired candles, including Bookworm, Le Cirque des Rêves, Pumpkin Juice, and Spooky Stories. If you decide to try any of these devilish DIYs let us know in the comments below!