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Embracing Hygge - Our Coziest Candles

Hygge is a Danish term which roughly translates to "coziness," but it's the all-around feeling of pleasure and comfort; being relaxed and surrounded by people you love, doing things you enjoy. Thick wool socks and chunky sweaters, hot cocoa in front of the fireplace and candles are all examples of this concept. We've highlighted our coziest candle scents to help you create the most hygge atmosphere possible this winter. 

10 Mugs for Book Lovers

Few things go together better than books & coffee (or books & tea, for those picky tea drinkers. Just kidding, we love you too tea... we just aren't addicted to you).

Well then, it makes sense that book lovers would want a mug collection to enhance their reading experience, bringing even more joy than thought feasibly possible while curling up with a favorite read. Here are a few of my favorite bookish mugs to improve your mug game, for whichever hot beverage you choose.

BOOKSTOR-IES [EPISODE ONE]: Boneshaker Books (Minneapolis, MN)

Don’t you sometimes wish your bookstore was a little more revolutionary? Tucked away behind a vine covered facade in the notoriously left-leaning Seward Neighborhood of Minneapolis is Boneshaker Books. A small, volunteer run bookstore looking to be just that.

Ready for 2017

Hello Frostlings! 

A long overdue update is in order. We're going to start blogging regularly about our candle business, books we're reading, silly cat videos we're watching on an endless loop, etc. So here's what's been happening in Frostbeardland... 

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