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6 Podcasts for Book Lovers

If it wasn’t clear already; we love books. Old books, new books, red books, blue books; it doesn’t matter. Sometimes we struggle to find the time to sit down and enjoy our favorite pastime. But, we’ve come to rely on some other forms of media to get our bookish fix.

How to Transform Your Home Into a Library

Do you ever wish that you could live inside a library? What could be better than being surrounded by thousands of your favorite titles when you wake up in the morning or get home from work?

Books to Read With Young Readers for National Read Across America Day

In the immortal words of Dr. Seuss (1954), “A person’s a person, no matter how small.” And even the smallest of us all deserve the magic and escape that books can provide. Each year, the National Education Association (NEA) promotes Read Across America Day to inspire young readers to partake in the joy of reading.

Why You Shouldn't Judge a Book by Its Cover

If it wasn’t clear enough, we love books and all things bookish. But every now and again we come across a book, usually through a personal recommendation from a friend, that we absolutely love. As we devoured the chapters we think to ourselves, why didn’t I read this sooner? But then we take a step back, usually in the form of a coffee run or dinner break and get a fresh look at our new favorite book’s cover and, it hits us.

Adult Romance: 10 Books that Break the Cliché Mold

We love romance books, and we’re proud of it. There’s no shame in breaking out your favorite trashy romance novel and settling down for some steamy scenes in idealized worlds. But sometimes you want a little more. When we come across an adult romance novel that brings a little something more to the table we get excited.

The Best Books to Read in 2018

Happy (belated) New Year! From our bookish family to yours, we hope that your winter holidays were spectacular. But, now that the holiday season is over it can be hard to break through your post-celebratory slump. Luckily, we know the best fix for a case of the winter-time blues; books!

The Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Book Lovers

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you’re looking for gift ideas for book lovers, then you’ve come to the right place. Being the bookishly inclined people that we are, we took it upon ourselves to compile a list of Valentine's Day Gifts that would send any book lover's heart aflutter.

How to Reuse Your Old Candle Jars

At Frostbeard, we’re proud to say that our candles are soy, made of natural and renewable resources, and 100% recyclable. Even though it’s perfectly fine to simply reduce and recycle, we love hearing that our fans are reusing our candle jars and tins before they recycle them. We reuse our Frostbeard jars all the time, so we thought it was time to share some of our favorite candle jar DIYs with our readers.

10 Gifts for Avid Readers (And Candle-Lovers)

The holidays are here, and for many that means decking the halls and spreading holiday cheer with family and friends. If you’re anything like us that means that you’re super excited to give and receive some awesome book-inspired presents this year. But if you’re someone who isn’t particularly literarily inclined and are trying to find a bookish gift for the avid reader in your life, you may find yourself a bit lost. Finding a present for someone who would rather be reading over anything else can be hard, that’s why we’ve created a bookish holiday gift guide!

The Eye of the World: A Complete Review

Have you ever wanted to read a series that is as complex and diverse as A Song of Ice and Fire but is as digestible as say, The Lord of The Rings? Then The Eye of the World is the book for you. The Eye of the World is the first novel in the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson.

Embracing Your Inner Teen: Why You Shouldn't Be Ashamed to Read YA Novels

In the past, we’ve talked about why you shouldn’t be ashamed to read trashy romance novels, but we’ve realized that there’s more than one genre that can have a negative stigma attached to it. For example, young adult or YA novels. As an adult, it can be easy to feel uncomfortable when you’re asked what you’re reading, and the answer is a not-so-well-known YA novel. Typically, the responses you receive from others is something along the lines of “but isn’t that for kids?”

Breaking the Mold: Our Favorite Literary Heroines

Muhammad Ali once said “No struggle can ever succeed without women participating side by side with men,” so today we’re going to shed some light on some of our favorite literary heroines that have shaped our lives. Throughout literature, women can be found doing all manner of extraordinary things. In books, female characters are only limited by the imagination of the author, and in the precious stories where an author truly lets his or her mind wander, there’s no limit to what these amazing literary characters can achieve.

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